woman in black bubble jacket standing on sidewalk during daytime

The price of clothes and everything else has shot up to ridiculous prices and yet we keep on buying new stuff to keep out the cold or to keep up with the latest fashion.
This winter the air was icy and humidity didn’t help.
I learned another valuable lesson.
My past investments paid off the coats hanging in my wardrobe lock out the cold and still look as new as the day I bought them. coats

All my coats have hoods on them.
Warm hoods with soft fake fur lining in them for maximum heat on the ears.
I have fake fur snoods, warm gloves and socks.
Warm feet, warm body!
Nice thick Alpaca socks that are perfect to wear indoors and out.
How was your winter?
Did you keep warm in the cold?

Brigitte Pace
Article Writer

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