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woman in black bubble jacket standing on sidewalk during daytime
The price of clothes and everything else has shot up to ridiculous prices! This winter was cold, the humidity didn’t help, and what I learned was that my past investments paid off. My best buys have always been my coats and jumpers! I always go for pure wool, faux fur or a wool and cashmere mix. Materials that keep me cozy outdoors and in. All my coats have hoods on them. Warm hoods with fake
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STOP SHIVERING WITH COLD! WEAR NATURAL QUALITY CLOTHING. In this article, we take a look at the warmest clothing for winter. For undergarments we recommend Thermal underwear and flannel. Choose natural fibres such as cashmere, mohair, shearling, sheepskin, alpaca and 100% wool. See lovely warm coats here. Jackets and coats must have a warm lining on the inside as well as th exterior. Choose coats with hoods for windy and rainy days. Snoods, Scarves, ear

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